Infrastructure for sports, arts, cultural activities and social service, and support for youth organizations engaged in these activities, will be stepped up at all levels from the national to local. In particular, Ghanaian sports, which have suffered marginalization, deserve special encouragement.

The LPG’s vision is to see that Ghana emerges as a major Sports Power in the world over the next ten years. We will work for the realization of this vision. We will start-up sports academy in every district of the country. Invest more in developing other disciplines such as, hockey, basketball, tennis, rugby, cricket, athletics, baseball etc. This will create more jobs and wealth.

We will invest an additional GHc600million each year in sports to create and maintain 46,000 plus jobs in the sector.

A First-Class Stadium Each For 5 Regions

An LPG Government will provide $300 million to build 5 new first class stadiums in Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Volta, Upper West and Eastern Regions in partnership with the private sector.

Construction of the projects are expected to support over 5,000 jobs in the regions and make a significant boost to the local economies.

For too long, football fans have been watching their football league and other sport at substandard facilities compared to football stadiums in Accra and Kumasi. LPG will change this.

Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Volta, Upper West and Eastern Regions need first class sports stadiums so that they can compete on the national stage.

Modern community infrastructure is critical to local economics, particularly in regional capitals, helping to drive economic growth and local jobs.

LPG expects stadium construction to commence by early 2022 with the ground complete by 2024. This project will be an important boost to the local community, and LPG will work to encourage as much of the work is sourced locally as possible.

Only an LPG Government will deliver the kind of stadiums that Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Volta, Upper West and Eastern Regions deserves.

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