LPG will invest $10.0billion to transform Ghana to become a Medical Tourism Centre with 10 new state of the art ultra-modern hospitals. LPG government hopes to encourage a budding trade in medical tourism, selling foreigners the idea of travelling to Ghana for low-cost but world-class medical treatment. This initiative will also encourage all the big men and politicians on the continent to stop them from travelling outside for medical screening and care.

The LPG will Improve the existing national health insurance scheme by equipping them with the necessary gadgets, equipments and skilled personnel nationwide. Invest heavily in over 230 new medical centres, at least 530 new ambulance vehicles. This will create additional 128,500 jobs.

LPG will employ Sanitation Inspectors to reduce filth nationwide.

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  • Posted September 10, 2020 1:12 pm
    by Albert

    That will be the greatest ever in Ghana history if this come to realization. I support it fully.

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