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We will involve young people in government. At its highest levels, our government needs to do a better job of understanding and addressing the needs of Ghana’s young people. We will create a President’s Youth Advisory Council, consisting of young Ghanaians aged 16 to 25, to provide non-partisan advice to the President on issues facing the country.

Productivity is the most important catalyst for our economy. And the most important catalyst for productivity is education.
Resource booms come and as we discover, they go – but our future depends on investing in our best natural resource: the creativity and skills of the Ghanaian people. LPG’s plan to position Ghanaian kids today, to win the jobs of the future globally. To create jobs of the future, new skills are required such as computer coding.

Infrastructure for sports, arts, cultural activities and social service, and support for youth organizations engaged in these activities, will be stepped up at all levels from the national to local. In particular, Ghanaian sports, which have suffered marginalization, deserve special encouragement.

Ghana needs to become a nation of entrepreneurs. We cannot separate the need to create new jobs from the need to create new businesses and support new entrepreneurs. If we are able to create one million new businesses after eight years of LPG government, we will create at least 5 million jobs.

LPG will invest $10.0billion to transform Ghana to become a Medical Tourism Centre with 10 new state of the art ultra-modern hospitals. LPG government hopes to encourage a budding trade in medical tourism, selling foreigners the idea of travelling to Ghana for low-cost but world-class medical treatment

The LPG supports a vibrant, innovative and competitive agriculture sector. Ghana’s farmers are the foundation of our food sector.  The work that they do to feed Ghana and the world is vital, but government support is needed to help them with challenges ranging from transportation to water management to research and food safety.We will help Ghana’s agriculture sector be more innovative, safer, and stronger.